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Nineteen-year-old Kishaun Doobay returned on Saturday from a visit to his mother, and was shocked to find his house broken into and several household articles removed.Doobay, of Lot 105 Bagotville, West Bank Demerara, said that he had returned home at around 20:15 hrs from visiting his mother,Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet, who resides at Grove, East Bank Demerara, to find his two-bedroom house broken into and the items removed.The teenaged singer, who is a member of the Nu Era Singers group,Cheap NHL Jerseys, said that upon investigation, he found that a television set, valued at $75,Chris Chelios Jersey,000, was stolen along with a stabilizer, two 12-inch stereo set speakers, and other electrical appliances amounting to over $200,000 in losses.Doobay said that he luckily had taken his computer with him to ‘do some work,’ and this prevented the intruders from taking that also.He said that his stereo set, which is very large and heavy,Nike Air Max 1 Mens Trainers, may have deterred the perpetrators, since they left it behind and only took the speakers.He said that those responsible for the theft had used a blunt instrument to wrench open the back door, through which they gained entry into the house.Doobay related that several months ago,Austin Hooper Falcons Jersey, while he was staying at a home in East Ruimveldt, thieves had broken into that also and had removed a television set and other articles.The man said that, in frustration, he has not reported the matter to the police,Alexei Kovalev Jersey, because he doubts that he would regain the missing items.

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