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Had they not been captured, the gang that has been linked to the killing of businessman Ganesh Ramlall and the attack of Land Court Judge Nicola Pierre, would have certainly created more terror.Word is out that the gang was planning to carry out a major heist this month end at a wedding on the West Coast Demerara, where several overseas guests were expected to attend.Kaieteur News understands that the heist was being organized by Fazeel Bacchus called Javed, one of the taxi drivers rounded up by police during a sweep last week, which led to the death of gang leader Rolston Morrison and the arrest of several of his accomplices.Bacchus was setting up his accomplices to rob his own relatives since the wedding involved a member of his family.This came out during interrogation of both him and fellow taxi driver Lennox Roberts as they continue to implicate each other in what investigators are now finding out was an elaborate scheme of well organized robberies primarily along the West Coast of Demerara.According to a source, who was a part of the interrogating team, following the killing of Regent Multiplex boss Ganesh Ramlall, some gang members who were no part of that operation,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, expressed disappointment that they were not involved in the action.But Bacchus reportedly told them not to worry, that he had bigger plans for them.He told them of a family wedding that was coming up this month-end where a number of overseas guests were scheduled to attend.“Tell dem that he got some uncles who coming fuh de wedding. One ah dem rich, rich. He tell dem dey gon deh good,” the source said. But of course the plan fell apart following last week’s police operations. Bacchus is no stranger to organising robberies.Investigators are expected to charge him in connection with Ganesh Ramall’s murder, since statements obtained so far point directly to his role as the main organiser.Both he and Roberts confessed that the attack on Regent Multiplex owner, Ganesh Ramlall,Alexander Volkov Jersey, called Boyo, was hatched two months ago.While they have not provided investigators with the names of the bandits they transported, they gave some details of the plan to attack Ramlall.“After they came up with the plan,Cheap Adidas Superstar, they had to get people to execute it. So they contacted Saddam (Rolston Morrison) who was killed on Tuesday and his crew,” a police source told this newspaper.The plan was not to kill but to rob, and if they did not get enough money from Ramlall, they were to kidnap him and demand a hefty ransom.“They were to tie him up in the house and relieve him of everything,” the source said.Bacchus, 21, had confessed to transporting the gunmen who killed Ramlall.He said that he was aided by another taxi driver,Pat Tillman Cardinals Throwback Jersey, who he identified as Roberts, called ‘Soldier Man.’Bacchus said that on the night of the attack on Ramlall, he was at a city night club, but was in constant telephone contact with ‘Soldier Man’, who was at the bar-b-que at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, monitoring the movements of Ramlall, who was also at the event.He said that ‘Soldier Man’ kept him informed via telephone about Ramlall’s movements.Bacchus said that he was instructed to pick up some men, one from “Buddys” and the two others at Agricola.He took the men to La Jalousie and dropped them off near Ramlall’s home.He then went to Cornelia Ida where he picked up ‘Soldier Man’ and left the bar-b-que where the businessman continued drinking.They then headed back to La Jalousie where their accomplices were waiting.The bandits concealed themselves in a bushy empty lot next to Ramlall’s home, while they waited for him to arrive.One resident claimed that he saw four men making their way towards Ramlall’s house with the aid of a flashlight, but did not take it for anything serious.Ramlall eventually arrived, left his vehicle outside, entered the bottom flat,Alex DeBrincat Jersey, spoke to his wife and then went back outside to use an outdoor washroom. When he came outside, the men attacked him, and riddled him with bullets when he raised an alarm and fought back. They then fled with some of his jewellery.The taxi driver said he heard the gunshots and the bandits breathlessly jumped into his car and ordered him to drive.He said he drove along the rough La Jalousie ‘line top’ and emerged at Crane Public Road. He then headed back over the Demerara Harbour Bridge, where he dropped off the killers, two in Agricola and another at Diamond before returning with ‘Soldier Man’ to the West Coast Demerara bar-b-que venue.Bac

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