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The Members of the Grove/Diamond Youths in Development (GDYD) hosted a cake sale,Custom Juventus Jerseys, which is one of the group’s annual fund-raising activities. The sale was held in front of M&S Mattai Supermarket yesterday.Members of the Grove/Diamond Youths in Development at their Cake sale.The Organisation has been in existence for some nine years now and has approximately 25 active members. Over the years the members have been focusing on the development of disabled children. The group would host fund raising activities for Christmas parties and other special events to help with the development of the children.Yesterday’s activity was one of many. The group concluded an annual blood drive earlier this year. The Cake sale featured a variety of eatables— Dhal Puri and chicken,Anthony Martial Jersey, a variety of cakes,Manchester United Jerseys, cupcakes and pastries, which targeted passers-by.For the past nine years the committee has ventured throughout the neighbourhoods in search of less fortunate children and especially from the Diamond School of Disabilities, whether it was for a simple invite to the annual Christmas party kept at Guyana Bank of Trade and Industries (GBTI) or to assist in any way possible.The members insisted that even though it is founded in the Diamond/Grove area it is not restricted to such since anyone is welcome to join them in their initiative.Public Relations Officer (PRO),Juventus Jerseys, Devi Ramcharitar, who was present on location with other members spared no time lobbying persons to support their worthy cause.“Today we are having this sale; it is an annual activity to raise funds for our Christmas party and other activities that we cater for disabled children… We usually cater for over 300 children.”“One of our upcoming events will be a grand BBQ to raise funds for that event… Everything that we have here at this sale was donated by the members of the organisation and the generosity of Mr. Mattai for giving us this space to carry out this activity which we appreciate”,Aleix Vidal Jersey, said Devi.“We are currently working on a hotline for persons who are in crisis whether its depression,Cheap Bayern Munich Jersey, suicide or domestic violence. It is a work in progress… We are also planning to have trained counsellors so that they could render professional assistance to people. The programme would not be restricted to one community but throughout Guyana”, she also added.The group hopes to raise enough funds from the general public and also from various activities to make this dream a reality.Anyone who wishes to contribute to the Organisation can contact them via their Facebook page Grove-Diamond Youths in Development or GBTI.

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