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– to share plastic drivers ID info with other agenciesThe country’s tax collection authority says it has done “well” in meeting the targeted $135.3B it hadGRA’s Commissioner General, Khurshid Sattaurset itself for 2014.According to the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), last year was a remarkable year, fraught with obstacles. “The task of collecting $135.3B was indeed challenging. However, the GRA is satisfied that it has done exceedingly well in terms of its main goal of revenue collection for 2014, and look forward to a new year where the citizenry honour their tax obligations more voluntarily.”The organization said it continues to prove its fortitude amidst much skepticism and negative publicity. “Speculation in the public domain had suggested that revenue collection for 2014 was waning, but we are satisfied with our achievement for 2014,” Commissioner-General,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, Khurshid Sattaur said, noting that the GRA continues to fulfill its mandate in collecting Government revenues in keeping with the estimate approved in the National Assembly.Complementing its achievements in revenue collection, the entity yesterday reported that it has also seen improvement in the number of taxpayers who have been honouring their obligation to file returns.“There was a record 20,270 tax returns submitted at tax sites set up across the country for the April 30, 2014 deadline for Income Tax Returns.? During 2014, efficiency and integrity also remained at the heart of the GRA’s operations,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, prompting the introduction of the Random Selection of Commercial imports for Inspection, which solicits the public’s involvement in the selection and examination process.” Other areas of achievement included the commissioning of a “state-of-the-art Chinese manufactured mobile container scanner” with a capacity to electronically scan a maximum of 20 containers in one hour using the latest technology in x-ray imaging.The US$4.3M mobile container scanner that was commissioned last year by GRA“In 2014, the GRA also achieved significant success in collaborating with financial institutions and service providers in rolling out its internet, tele-banking and other payment options programme to provide taxpayers with a modern and secure alternative for paying taxes.”In March 2014 commercial banks and corporate entities were added as collecting agents for various tax types and licence fees. The entities on board with the initiative are Mobile Money Guyana (MMG), Bill Express,Wholesale Jerseys China, Demerara Bank,Wholesale Jerseys China, the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI), Republic Bank and Bank of Baroda.“The initiative allowed taxpayers the option of paying various tax types via their computers or phones from any location, or at a convenient over-the-counter Bill Express location,” GRA said.“The motor vehicle licences was upgraded to a plastic card in 2014. The material is difficult to reproduce and includes some sophisticated features that could not have been included on the red book licence.”Additionally, the “much talked” about Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) which offers concessions to first time homeowners, was decentralized for the benefit of applicants across the country.“This year marks fifteen (15) years since the GRA have been functioning as a semi-autonomous body with a mandate to promote compliance with the country’s tax, trade and border laws and regulations. In keeping with its Information Communication Technology (ICT) modernization plan, upgrades to its Total Revenue Integrated Processing System (TRIPS) are being conducted for the GRA to facilitate web based transactions. As such,NFL Jerseys From China, TRIPS II is expected to rollout by mid 2015.”GRA also said yesterday that this year is expected to be one of technological change and advances for staff and taxpayers as it “eagerly” looks forward to providing electronic service, including the filing of tax returns.“The organisation also hopes to open several Tax Centers to provide basic services for taxpayers’ convenience. During 2015, further enhancements are also expected to be made to the new plastic driver’s licence as the agency moves into phase II of the rollout,Cheap Jerseys, to allow for information sharing with relevant stakeholders among other things.”The GRA also said it looks forward to new and improved stakeholder relationships in 2015 as the organisation continues to promote voluntary compliance and to improve taxpayer services.

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