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“I am glad for the opportunity to interact with young persons, and to help to mould them…”By Dennis NicholsJoy O’Jon’s gentlewomanly speech and demeanour recall an era long past, and longed-for by many. Her almost fully-grey ‘afro’ seems a throwback toProudly displaying the Golden Arrowhead at a Women’s Aglow Biennial Conventionthe nineteen-sixties and seventies, but she is very much a part of contemporary Guyanese life, at least where education and Christian discipline are concerned. She is the principal, and (along with fellow-educator Florine Dalgety) co-founder of Dominion Schools, on Regent Road, Bourda. She is also this week’s special person.Surprisingly, Ms. O’Jon was not born in Guyana, but in south central Africa in 1935,NFL Jerseys China, in the then British Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia. Her father, George, was an African with Guyanese connections,Cheap Jerseys From China, and her mother Lily, a native Guyanese. Having left Africa at the age of four, she understandingly has little recollection of life there.She nevertheless remembers that her father was a mechanic who worked on a major project to channel water from the mighty Zambezi River to Northern Rhodesia, and recalls the jubilation with which this accomplishment was greeted.Ms. O’Jon declared that having come here, she never had the urge to go back to her homeland, that is, until she saw a video of South Africa a few years ago, and waxed nostalgic.“Oh, the beauty was so patent; in that moment I prayed the Lord, if there was an opportunity for me to go back to Africa, please open up the door,” she enthused.In 1940 Joy O’Jon was brought to Guyana by a Bermudian missionary friend, and taken to live with her Aunt Ivy, her mother’s twin sister, in the East Coast Demerara village of Buxton. Her parents and siblings came later, except for her youngest brother who died in Africa. Buxton is where her life story really begins.Ms. O’Jon attended the Buxton Congregational School, and admits that her schooldays there were relatively uneventful, except for the day a small plane crash-landed on the sea front in the neighbouring village of Annandale, around 1945. She recalls with aAt a Dominion end-of-term partychuckle that ‘everyone poured out of school’ and ran to the sea wall, and to the spot where the crash occurred. Thankfully, she declares, no one died.She left the village school in 1947, having secured a government scholarship, and began a long and distinguished association with The Bishops’ High School, first as a student, then as a science teacher, and finally as headmistress of what was considered the premier high school for girls in the country.In reminiscing about her high school days, she remarked on my observation that she speaks in a very cultured and restrained manner. This she attributed to the expatriate teachers at Bishops’ who, she said, influenced by their own speech, both tone and diction in their charges.Ms. O’Jon’s secondary education lasted eight years, after which she left for the Mona Campus of the University College of the West Indies in Jamaica, on a conditional scholarship, to study for her Bachelor’s in Science, the condition being that she had to return to teach at Bishops’ for five years.Having achieved her BSc., she went on to get her Diploma in Education right there, and in 1959, returned to Guyana, and started her career as a science teacher at her alma mater. Returning to Bishops’ just four years after leaving the institution was, in herA farewell function for Ms. O’ Jon at Hauraruni, Upper Demerara Riverwords, ‘a lovely thing … coming back to your alma mater as a teacher.’This meant, of course, having to interact with some colleagues who were once her teachers, including the headmistress, Carmen Jarvis. But that wasn’t a problem, she asserted, since the staff at Bishops’ acted as a team and reached consensus on most issues, a development which Ms. O’Jon said helped lighten the load of responsibility, especially after she took over the headship from Ms. Jarvis.She said she also enjoyed a respectful relationship with students at Bishops’,Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, although admitting that sometimes ‘things tended to get somewhat turbulent’ as is often the case with bright young people who are maturing intellectually, socially and politically.Ms. O’Jon revealed that Christian discipline has always been a part of her life. Her parents were both missionary workers, and members of the Christian Brethren Fellowship, an indigenous body started, by an Anglican clergyman in 1827. “So I grew up in a Christian home, got saved early, nine years, and baptized at 15,” she asserted.At Bishops’ she was a Bible Club member, part of the Inter-School and Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, (IS/IVCF) a

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