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– victims point cops to prime suspectA snapshot of the local pornographic siteJust how well do you know your Facebook friends, or your regular friends, for that matter?A Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD) woman (name withheld) said that a man who had befriended her on a social media website just over three months ago, downloaded pictures of her and posted them to a local pornographic site,China Jerseys Cheap, other women, including teenagers around Guyana have also reported that they too have had the same experience.Two senior police officials have since confirmed that the complaints are being investigated.One of the officials said that it was brought to his attention a little over a month ago.“One young lady came into us and said that her pictures were not only stolen and posted on the site, but they were also photoshopped onto a nude body,” the police official said.He added,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, “The young lady told us that she suspects an individual and she provided us with photographs and a telephone number for that person,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, but when we tried to contact the individual, his phone was turned off.”Kaieteur News understands that police detectives have since been monitoring the site which has over 2000 active members.“According to information we received, there are men who go on Facebook and look for girls and then they photoshop the pictures and post it (the pictures) on the site along with the girls’ names and other personal information,” the police source explained.This newspaper managed to locate six women, who had their photographs stolen, photoshopped and posted on the site.The victims are between the ages of 14 and 28 years of age, from Mon Repos, Annandale and Better Hope on the East Coast Demerara (ECD); Parika and Leonora on the West Coast Demerara (WCD); and Craig, on the East Bank Demerara (EBD).WHEN IT ALL STARTED…One of the victims,cheap nfl jerseys, who lives in Parika, explained that “Sometime in early August, I was at home and I started receiving strange messages from different men. Some of them were from Guyana and some from different countries.”She further stated that she ignored the messages, but around midnight the following day, a man called her from India and inquired about her rate for an hour.“I was like… ‘what are you talking about?’ but I couldn’t really understand his accent, so I hang up and I immediately called one of the numbers that I received a message from. The person on the other end of the line told me that my number, name and picture were on a porn site, and he gave me the name of the site. I went on the site and created an account and there I saw my face on a nude body,” the woman explained.She added that she made a police report the following day.“When I went home,Authentic NHL Jerseys Store, I went again on the site and I started calling all the numbers that were listed for other girls. These women were speechless when I called, some of them even cried.“They had absolutely no idea Guyana had a porn site. I arranged a meeting with four of the girls and we sat down and compared her Facebook friends and we noticed that we all had one person in common,” she explained.Kaieteur News was told that the “suspect” who goes by the name “Mr. Exposer” on the porn site was then contacted.“I message him and said, Mr. Exposer, your sick game is over! We are going to the police if you don’t take down the pictures you posted.He did not respond to the message but when I went back onto the site, he had already removed the pictures. That is how we confirmed it was him.”‘MR. EXPOSER’ EXPOSED…“We have no idea who this Mr. Exposer is. He sent me a Facebook request but I did not accept, but he still went ahead and posted my profile photo on the porn site,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping,” a 15-year-old victim who resides in Leonora stated.Another victim, a 26-year-old Craig resident, said that the “suspect” messaged her on Whatsapp and identified himself (name given) from Eccles, East Bank Demerara.“He said that he got my number from a broadcast message and that he would like to be my friend, but I blocked him.About a week after I blocked him, strange men started to message me, and then a young lady called and informed me that my number was on a porn site. She then told me that several other women have experienced this, and they suspected someone.Then she sent me the name and number and when I checked, I realized it was the same guy who had messaged me.”INVESTIGATIONS…After it was confirmed that almost all of the women had this one Facebook friend in comm

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