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Proprietor of Household Plus, Denise Hamid, yesterday appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson,Cheap China Shoes Wholesale, at the Georgetown Magistrates Court to answer a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.Proprietrix Denise Hamid It was alleged that Hamid, on December 28, last, at Regent Street,Wholesale Shoes China, unlawfully assaulted Linda Bailey. She pleaded not guilty. She is being represented by attorney at law Rexford Jackson.Linda Bailey, 49,Jordan 12 Femme Pas Cher, of 247 South Road, Bourda,Wholesale Shoes Free Shipping Worldwide, and her friend Gloria Massiah, 52,of Joseph Pollydore Street, Lodge, were both charged for assaulting Hamid on the said date.They pleaded not guilty and were unrepresented by attorney.? According to Bailey, on December 28, she went to the store which Hamid operates to purchase car mats for her vehicle.The woman said that she spent some time searching with an employee for the identical pair of mats.After finding the mats, the woman said that the employee told her that she should go to the cashier and pay for the items.Bailey said that she asked the employee if she needed something telling the cashier what she was paying for but the employee said that she could just go to the cashier and pay the $5000.Bailey said she paid the amount and was given a receipt and proceeded to go to the delivery section of the store.The woman said that Mrs. Hamid was the one in the delivery booth. “She was about to wrap the items in a bag so I said don’t wrap them, I have to use them right away”.She explained that Mrs. Hamid told her that she did not know if the mat belonged to her.“My worship I gave her the bill showing that I paid for the mats and she still did not want to give me the mats”.The woman said that tried to pick up the mats and when she tried to do that Mrs. Hamid threw the mats on the floor.After the mats fell on the floor, the woman said she bent over to pick them up and Mrs. Hamid slapped her in the head.Bailey said she was shocked and inquired from Mrs. Hamid why she slapped her. The woman said soon after Mrs. Hamid’s husband came rushing to her and slapped and cuffed her about the body.Gloria Massiah also supported what Bailey said. She told the court that she tried to part the fight between the Hamids and was attacked by Denise Hamid’s brother.As a result of the beating,Jordan 10 Retro Pas Cher, Massiah said that her dentures and spectacles were broken.Attorney at law Rexford Jackson,Jordan Retro 10 Noir, who represented Hamid, told the court that both defendants were behaving disorderly in the store.Bailey and Massiah were placed on $20,000 bail and Mrs. Hamid was granted self bail. They are expected to make a second court appearance on January 7. Hamid’s brother Troy Lowe was also charged but was not in court yesterday.

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