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Guyanese should brace themselves over the next few months for a shortage of greens and vegetables on the local markets, as a result of the current rainy season which is expected to run for the next two months.Already prices for greens and vegetables have begun soaring. Farmers and suppliers are calling for more cash because of the losses they are facing due to the current rainy season.A visit to the two major markets in the city revealed that vendors continue to drastically up their prices, much to the dismay of consumers.Vendors at the Bourda Market said they are forced to do so because the suppliers are now charging in some cases double the prices they would have sought in the past.At Bourda Market,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, one vendor said he is now paying as much as $10,000 for a bag of boulanger (eggplant) whereas, in the past it was only $3,500 or $4,000.With this hike in wholesale prices,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, vendors are now selling one boulanger for $100.The wholesale price for bora prior to the rain was $400 per large bundle; now vendors have to pay as much as $1,Cheap Jerseys From China,500 to $2,wholesale soccer jerseys,000 for the same bundle.Likewise, the wholesale price for squash has moved from $60 and $100 to $240 and $300 for one.One vendor who said he does not depend on a supplier said while he is willing to reduce his prices, his hands are tied. This farmer who hails from Dochfour said he has lost most of his crops to flood water and as such he is forced to make back the money on the crops he did manage to save.“It ain’t even look like de prices gon drop soon because dem seh that de rain gon continue until March.” By the time we get one month dry season and we plant back,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, is de May/June rain gon come so is the same thing we gon end up with,” the farmer explained.He added that despite the water in Dochfour is draining off,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the soil is not ready to be replanted.Over at the Stabroek Market the prices were no different. Some vendors, however, said that because of the high prices business is a bit slow.“Some people buying the same li’l bit bora and dem buying potato and telling you dem gon mix it because dem can’t afford what dem would normally buy,” one vendor said. But there are other vendors who claim that business is normal for them.“People got fuh eat and although dem seh January month is a hard month people still buying.”Vendors also say that there is the likelihood of vegetable shortage.The only vegetable that has remained at a stable price on the markets is peppers.

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