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The A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) has condemned a campaign launched by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) to intimidate and bully the Guyana National Youth Council (GNYC).AFC Youth Representative,Cheap Jerseys,Trevor WilliamsAPNU Youth Representative, Christopher JonesAs of recent,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, this group has been playing an active role in reviving the faith of youths in politics and educating them about being a part of the electoral process.The APNU+AFC noted that Youth Council was previously harassed by PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee. The partnership said,Cheap Jerseys From China, however,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, that it appears as though the PPP has upped the ante and now employed one of their “chief goons”, Kwame McCoy, to “level abuse and run amok as they seek to demoralize the GNYC”. APNU youth representative, Christopher Jones said that the PPP is using tactics from its old playbook of hate and divisiveness.“APNU+AFC is not surprised by the PPP campaign of intimidation and bullyism as it is a clear sign that Freedom House is fully aware that the PPP has lost the confidence of the young people of Guyana who will vote resoundingly for APNU+AFC,CHeap NFL Jerseys China,” Jones said.Also,Authentic Jerseys China, AFC youth representative, Trevor Williams added that the coalition is fully respectful of the large block of young voters, inclusive of first time voters who are eligible to vote in the upcoming elections.Williams asserted that the APNU+AFC respects the voice of the youth in Guyana and supports the efforts of the GNYC to educate the young people of Guyana on the need to exercise their franchise on May 11 for the party of their choice.APNU+AFC reiterated that it explicitly supports the efforts of the GNYC and all other organizations and agencies engaged in sensitizing young people about the need to vote on May 11 and stands ready to offer whatever support may be required in this regard.

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