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By Rehanna RamsayAs a pioneer for promoting education simultaneously with sports, Mr. Henry Harding Chase has contributedHenry Chase, is a Special Personmore than two decades of his life to moulding the minds of Guyana’s youth.This week’s ‘Special Person’ has not only dedicated his life to educating Guyana’s children but he continues to provide a means of achieving academic excellence for both the young and old via his own private institution.EARLY LIFEGiven his experience and accomplishment in the education sector, one could easily conclude that that ‘Sir Chase’,Air Jordan 1 Retro High Og Australia, as most persons would call him now, had chosen the teaching profession.“Not so”, he says. Instead it appears that teaching chose him. He said it took a pinch of fate to catapult him into the teaching arena.You see like most children, Chase had an image of what he would like to become when he was old enough.However, growing up in the rural community of Lancaster Village on the East Coast of Demerara, with his parents and seven siblings, the idea of being a teacher was never in mind. Chase said becoming a fisherman felt more close to home.Being the last child of his parents – Henry Harding Chase Senior and Grace Elsa Braithwaite – Chase and his twin brother Herman would roam the Coast in the Mahaica district on all sorts of adventures, fishing among them.“My brother was a fisherman. He would be engaged in all sorts of enterprising ventures… At that time, I was also thinking of becoming a fisherman but I had always leaned towards academics more than my brother.”Sir Chase and two of his past students.Young Chase’s formative years were anything but exempt from the pressure of a large family; shortages in every area were common.However, Chase recounted that his early education at Lancaster Primary School and Ann’s Grove Secondary allowed him to be exposed to some great educators the likes of Teacher Peter and Franklin Longhorn who he said were his mentors.“They stood out tall in the eyes of a young ten-eleven year old.”Many days Henry (Chase) and his friends (Aubrey and Trevor) would walk from Lancaster to Ann’s Grove, a two miles journey. This walk increased when he was transferred to Cove and John Hindu College.“It was a Hindu School,Mens Air Jordan 32 Retro Mid Flyknit Team Red/Black,” Chase recalled but noted that it gave him the opportunity to foster appreciation for the uniqueness of the Christian, Muslims and Hindu cultures.“That experience taught us (the students) at that time the importance of accepting people, their different cultures and most importantly how to coexist.”“I remember that we would have separate assembles and devotion so it actually instilled in us at a tender age, the tolerance we needed to exist in a multi –cultural society as our own,” related Chase.Though it was a Hindu School, he said at that time, the institution was partially funded by the Government and was equipped with the necessary curriculum to provide the academic and cultural challenge he needed.“It was definitely a different environment from the other schools,” Chase stated.Our ‘Special Person’ stands besides some of the awards, trophies that were presented to students following their participation in various sports.At that very school,Mens Air Jordan 11 (XI) Original OG Mens White Black 130245-101, Chase disclosed that his love for sports developed because “there I played sports (cricket) and at Lancaster Primary I did music too.”TRAGEDYFollowing a stint at the Hindu School, Chase recalled that tragedy struck the family in 1987 when his mother died suddenly. Chase recounted that he was just 14 years old when his mother died and about 17 years when his dad passed away.“I had actually dropped out of school before my mother died,” he divulged.However, as fate would have it Chase re-entered the school system after he went to live with his elder sibling.At that time most of his siblings were young adults, thus,Mens Air Jordan 7 VII Retro Low NRG Black/Light Graphite-Midnight Fog-Bordeaux, profound options followed. Chase resided with his eldest sister Carol Braithwaite in Roxanne Burnham Gardens.He later started his teaching career at East Ruimveldt Secondary. He then headed off to the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE). He began his teaching career at EastA young sir Chase at his CPCE graduation.La Penitence Primary under the watchful eyes of Head Teachers Edgar T. Fraser and Ms. Shirley Mentis. Ms. Mentis was in fact the one who encouraged young Chase to enter CPCE.“

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