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By Desilon DanielsA year after Guyana recorded its first confirmed cases of the Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), the virus has seemingly slipped into the shadows.For months, CHIKV made headlines in Guyana as the illness gripped large sections of the country.Dr. Reyaud Rahman, Director of the Vector Control ServicesThroughout the nation, countless persons complained of severe body pains, fevers and headaches; children were kept from school for days while employers were forced to deal with workers calling in sick.It seemed like there was no end to the epidemic and each day,Cheap Jerseys USA, more reports of the virus surfaced across all of Guyana.However, something interesting happened; after months of dominating Guyana, the CHIKV virus faded into a memory. Not much has been heard of the virus recently, thus raising the obvious question,Wholesale Jerseys, “Where did Chikungunya go?”Though the virus has seemingly disappeared, Director of the Vector Control Services, Dr. Reyaud Rahman, indicated that this was not necessarily so.According to Rahman, the vector-borne virus is still around but in much smaller numbers.Dr. Rahman said that significant progress had been made in getting the virus under control. He explained that reports of the virus are coming in less frequently, a shift he largely attributed to increased awareness of the virus.“What I would say,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, is that we’re not having as many cases. One of the reasons why the virus isn’t being seen as much,Cheap Jerseys From China, is that, people understand the disease a bit more and they know what they have to do. A lot of persons aren’t just turning up at the hospital anymore; they are treating themselvesThe CHIKV virus is known to cause a number of symptoms including a rashconservatively,” he said.He continued, “Based on that I would say, yes, the virus is under control and the public is more informed and educated so they’re actually helping themselves a lot more.”Dr. Rahman further said that only about one or two cases are now being reported per month. “Sometimes even fewer than that; sometimes there’s none for the month,” he added.This is a far cry from when the virus was at its peak; then, no fewer than five to eight cases were reported per week,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, taking the total to at least 20 per month.He estimated that currently there are over 100 confirmed cases from samples that were sent off to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad. Over 200 samples had been sent to the health institute.Outside of the confirmed cases, Dr. Rahman said that there are a “couple thousand” suspected cases.“Basically, we had a couple of thousand suspected cases, but right now we’re not having huge complaints about Chikungunya,nhl jerseys outlet,” Dr. Rahman said.These figures do not take into account the countless persons who do not report their symptoms.The VCS Director also said that Region Six recorded the majority of these cases while pocketed parts of Georgetown were also affected. “But other than that, it came from a good spread around the country,” he said.He added that he was unaware of any reported cases of Chikungunya deaths.Meanwhile, Dr. Rahman said the VCS will continue to approach the CHIKV cautiously and will upkeep the necessary surveillance work.“We are always on alert and we are pretty much doing what we do on our day to day activities, and we are looking out for any complaints which the public may have,” the director said.Other Caribbean countries have similarly reported reduced Chikungunya cases. In fact, a year after the virus was first confirmed in Dominica and subsequently infected at least 3,000 persons, the island declared the CHIKV epidemic over.Guidelines by the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that an epidemic can be declared over after two maximum incubation periods have passed without a new case being reported.Guyana’s first cases of CHIKV were confirmed in May 2014 after 30 samples were sent to CARPHA for testing. The cases were of a toddler and a woman, both from the Region Six area.

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