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It took players a while to adjust to defensive coordinator Billy Davis and his 3-4 system. Players like Trent Cole and Brandon Graham had to switch positions from defensive end to linebacker. Cary Williams, Bradley Fletcher,Cheap Jerseys From China, Patrick Chung and Conor Barwin had to adjust to a new team. Rookies Bennie Logan and Earl Wolff needed to get acclimated to playing in the NFL.
"We are nowhere near where we want to be yet as a defense," Davis said. "It's such a collective team game. But as defensive coaches, we're looking at what we're teaching and what we're coaching, is it growing, is it getting better, and what we saw in that Denver game is it was, although we weren't playing the overall defense we wanted to play at that point. But there was enough little things that were moving forward that we were encouraged by."

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