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Audwyn Fraser, 22, a former member of Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard and of Courtland Village,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Corentyne, was yesterday remanded to jail by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo when he appeared before her at the New Amsterdam Magistrate’s court on a charge of simple larceny.He allegedly stole former colleague Conrad Mingo’s Republic Bank ATM card.?? Mingo is a Coast Guard rank attached to the Guyana Defence Force. The reported theft occurred?? between April 22 and April 25, 2011.According to prosecutor Inspector Satyanand Dayaram, Fraser and Mingo knew each other. He said that Fraser was dismissed from the GDF in February, for matters of similar nature. However, he would still visit the Coast Guard base at Stanleytown,cheap nfl jerseys, New Amsterdam from time to time.It was understood that Mingo received some money owed to him. He deposited $250,Cheap Jerseys China,000 of that money into his Republic bank account.The prosecutor stated that on April 22 (Good Friday),Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Fraser visited the Base and asked Mingo to lend him some money. Mingo refused and subsequently retired to bed.The following day he decided to check for his documents and could not find them. He continued checking all to no avail.Because of the long weekend he decided to visit the bank on the first working day,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Tuesday April 26, to report his ATM card missing. To his amazement he discovered that all his money $250,000 was withdrawn from his account.He immediately reported the matter to the Central Police station. An investigation was launched and upon checking it was discovered that Fraser had used his one time colleague’s card to with draw all his money.Fraser was arrested and charged for the offence. In court yesterday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, he pleaded not guilty.Prosecutor Dayaram asked that bail be refused because it was not the first time that the man was involved in a crime of such nature.Fraser was remanded to jail until May 27.

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