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The National Gallery presents an Australian-Canadian production, ‘Black Robe’ (1991), in its Classic Tuesdays programme today at 18:00 hours at its Castellani House premises, Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.The film’s running time is 1 hour 41 minutes. Admission is free.Acclaimed Australian director,NFL Jerseys From China, Bruce Beresford,NFL Jerseys Outlet, tells this story which begins in the early French settlement of Quebec, in 1634,Cheap NFL Jerseys, where Catholic missionaries are seeking to reestablish contact with their brothers sent to convert the distant Huron tribe.Founder of the settlement,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Samuel de Champlain, chooses young Jesuit priest,Cheap Air Max 90 Free Shipping, Father La Forgue, to find the Hurons. He embarks on his journey in the wilderness in winter, accompanied by a young non-Jesuit, Daniel, who soon falls in love with the daughter of Chomina, the leader of the Algonguin Indians who are accompanying the two Europeans on the trip.The Indians later abandon La Forgue, encouraged to believe that he is a devil; Daniel follows them, unable to be parted from Annuka, and the priest resigns himself to dying alone in the wilderness. When some of the Indians return to continue the journey with him, they are attacked and captured by the Iroquois, leading to torture and death within the party.There is the courage of Annuka in an attempt to save them all. Their later discovery of the French mission and the last of the Hurons is ironic, even as La Forgue tries to fulfill his mission by converting the remnants of the community.The film was shot on location in Quebec,cheap jerseys from china, in dramatic landscapes of mountains and river territory, by director Beresford, considered the best of the Australian New Wave directors of the late 70’s and 80’s (The Getting of Wisdom and Breaker Morant); his later films Tender Mercies (1983) and Driving Miss Daisy (1989), earned him a Best Director nomination and a Best Film award from the American Academy awards.‘Black Robe’, which won several Canadian film awards, is considered one of the best of his later works, meticulously researched into indigenous cultures and with the use of three native Indian languages during the film.

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