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IT'S NOT THE COLD: Manning is now 2-2 in cold games with the Broncos. The two victories came over Kansas City last year and Tennessee this year, teams with a combined .259 winning percentage. The two losses came to Baltimore, the eventual Super Bowl champions, in last season's playoffs and New England this year. The newest thought on Manning and the weather: It's more who he's going against than the conditions he's playing them in.
PLAYOFF CHATTER: The Titans are now playing to finish at .500. A playoff spot, however,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, is a very remote possibility. Though they got off to a wonderful start 鈥?a 57-yard pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Justin Hunter on the game's fourth play set up an early touchdown 鈥?Tennessee couldn't sustain against a team with this much firepower. As a result, the Titans are closing in on their fifth straight season without a playoff appearance. "I'm not worrying about that," coach Mike Munchak said. "You're going to see us at our best the next three games."

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