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"Playing against your brother in an NFL game, it's a little bit different than playing against him in Little League baseball, or whatnot," Peyton said. "It's significant, I think for he and I.
"But because it's a team sport the focus has to be on doing your job to help the team get ready to play. So this will be the third time, possibly could be the last time. I think I will take a moment there, whenever it is_in pregame warm-ups, the national anthem, coin toss, whenever that is_I think you do take a moment there. And you kind of capture it and hold onto it. I have a moment from the 2006 game and the 2010 game,Andre Burakovsky Jersey, but that's one moment. The rest of the time you're going out and trying to do your job as a quarterback and help your team win."

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