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If there is one day that brings a noticeably quiet scene all around Guyana, it is Good Friday. It is traditionally a day when not many people are seen on the streets.Most people do not work,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys China, except for those providing the essential services,Cheap Jerseys 2018, for example, healthcare providers and law enforcement officials,Wholesale China Jerseys, and some media agencies. Businesses usually close their doors on this day leaving shopping areas and town centres bare and desolate. Many attend church services throughout the day, at different times. Some attend in the mornings, while others make it for noon and still some others attend during the mid-afternoon periods. That is Good Friday in the Guyanese context.It is the most solemn and holy day for Christians, especially those from the traditional churches. Christians remember the suffering and passion of Jesus Christ,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, whose death is commemorated on this day, in various ways.Jesus’ death is significant in the lives of Christians worldwide. It is no different here in Guyana. Christians are mandated to fast from all food and more so meat and fish on Good Friday, in respect to the torn and maimed flesh of Jesus,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, battered and bruised by His oppressors.Roman Catholic priest, Father Gilburt Camillus, SJ explained that Good Friday signifies the Lord’s passion.“Through His suffering Jesus brings redemption for us. Jesus gives His life through His suffering and death on the Cross. As the followers of Jesus,Cheap Jerseys China, we are called to foster an attitude of sorrow and suffering which Christ our Lord suffered. On this day we show great reverence for the crucifix which is the sign of our redemption. Jesus faces the evils of the society.He responds in His own way. He is not paralyzed from His action. He is committed to purify the evils of the society. He does not become cynical or hostile to the people. But He grows in compassion by giving His life for them. Finally it results in Resurrection of Jesus.” Many Christians attend three-hour long services on Good Friday, since Jesus spent three hours in suffering on the cross. Many recall and meditate on the seven words that Jesus spoke on the cross, which range from forgiving His tormentors to anguishing in physical suffering and pain and psychological feelings of abandonment by His Father.In the Catholic tradition, this is the only day in the year where no Mass is held. There is, instead, the reading of the Passion account according to St John within a service where there is also the veneration of the cross. The colour for Good Friday is red, signifying the blood that was shed by Jesus. There is also Holy Communion that is distributed on this day in some churches.A Catholic nun kisses the crucifix during a Good Friday serviceThe most important part of Good Friday services is the reading of the Passion story. There is no singing in churches or bells on Good Friday. Churches and altars are usually bare, while the statues in the Catholic churches are covered. The flowers and other decorations are removed to emphasize the solemnity of the day.It is not until late on Saturday evening when the flowers are put back; the candles are lit; the altars are draped once more; the statues are seen; and the bells start to ring.Midnight Masses are held on Holy Saturday evening to mark the beginning of the happiest time in the Christian church, Easter.Churches are filled on Good Friday. Many persons who do not attend throughout the year often attend on this day.Suffering and death are the popular themes of Good Friday. Jesuit Father Edwin Thadeu who resides in Georgetown, said that right from the beginning of human existence, there have been questions about suffering and death.“These two remained inevitable in the life of human beings. Many made attempts to find the real cause for this suffering, pain and death. But all their scientific attempts ended futile.The quest was then taken in the spiritual realm. And each religion has its own explanation for suffering and death. Of many attempts, the one that appeals most appropriate for our days is the suffering and death that leads to resurrection.”He added: “Suffering and death has no meaning in itself unless it leads to resurrection. Jesus Christ is the one who was able to solve the unsolved puzzle on suffering and death. His suffering on the cross that links the heaven and earth was pointed towards resurrection. The Cross is the symbol that links the death and resurrection. Death for what? For the redemption of Mankind. This answer encourages people to sacri

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