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Disaster strike and only de Man above save dem people in de plane and save de country good name. Is de first plane crash like this in Guyana. Dem boys seh that dem does read bout such a thing but dem never even dream that such a thing can happen in Guyana.But while people happy dem have a taxi driver who charge dem same people who crash US$20 just fuh carry dem to de airport terminal. Well dem boys looking fuh he. And de whole country looking too.Everybody want kick he from de airport to town when de magistrate must put dem hand pun he. He got to get ban fuh life and must not even get a chance to ride a bicycle. But thank God that nobody ain’t dead.Dem boys want know wha happen to de pilot. Dem want know if he was sleeping or if he foot slip or if he had dark eye or if de airport didn’t have lights.Dem know that he had to be sober because drunk people don’t fly plane and is not carnival.Robeson was one of de first people to go to de airport. He had he hammer in he back pocket. Dem boys seh that is long he had he eye pun de airport. He did tackle some of dem shop wha deh across de tarmac.Yesterday he see de plane and he know that it shouldn’t deh wheh he see it. Right away he move to dismantle it. Is Bar-Rat who tun up same time holler pun he.De man claim how he wouldn’t tolerate any squatting and he insist that the plane got to dismantle.Is Kamla who had to fly from Trinidad fuh represent she plane. She seh that she carrying it back and in any case it dismantle already.But joke aside,cheap jerseys from china, is a good thing that Somebody Special looking over Guyana. De bad name woulda kill de country and postpone de elections .Talk half. Lef half.

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