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作者: LlzmjJ1r    時間: 2018-2-14 14:42     標題: Cheap Air Jordan Shoes Nelly Silvado De Souza

Brazilian police have located the woman suspected of killing businesswoman Elisangela Silva Figueara in Bartica last month,Cheap China Jerseys, an official confirmed.But the suspect will have to be tried in her homeland since no extradition treaty exists between Guyana and Brazil.Murder suspect: Nelly Silvado De Souza, also called Nelly Silvado FernandaElisangela Silva FiguearaAn official told Kaieteur News that officials from Guyana would first have to send all the information they have on the case to their Brazilian counterparts before she can be arrested and prosecuted.Investigators in Brazil had verified that the suspect, Nelly Silvado De Souza, also called Nelly Silvado Fernanda,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, returned to Brazil the day after Figueara was murdered. The Brazilian native crossed the border and had her passport stamped.She reportedly then went to a sister’s home in Boa Vista, but she fled as soon as she heard that the police were looking for her.The suspect is a former employee of Figueara and local investigators had received reports that De Souza had confronted Fernanda about a sum of money that the suspect was unable to account for.They were reportedly heard arguing on the day that Figueara was last seen alive.Sources who knew both individuals said that the suspect had fled to Guyana a few years agoElisangela Silva Figueara, a 35-year-old businesswoman,Wholesale China Jerseys, was found dead in a bedroom at her Lot 97 Second Avenue,Wholesale NBA Jerseys Authentic, Bartica residence in mid-February. Her bed was blood-soaked and her tongue was protruding. There was also a gash on her head and a postmortem revealed that she was beaten and strangled.A source had told Kaieteur News that the slain woman’s former employee had fled to Guyana some time ago after committing a serious crime in Brazil. It is alleged that she returned to Brazil after wounding another woman at an interior location.After spending a few months in Brazil,Cheap Jerseys China, the suspect allegedly returned to Guyana and began to work with Figueara at Bartica.Figueara reportedly left the woman to run her communications business for about a month,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, and when the businesswoman returned, she is said to have discovered that between $600,000 and $1M was missing.Neighbours last saw Figueara when she was sweeping her yard. That night, she was overheard arguing with another female and neighbours reportedly later observed that all the windows and doors of the residence were shut.

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